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The 5 Areas that EVERY Hockey Player Needs to Improve - Year Round!

Consistent year-round improvement in hockey is the key to long-term development and reaching your full potential. Through smart, well designed training programs, you can elevate your skills, stay injury-free, fuel your body right, and strengthen your mindset.

Check out these 5 major areas that set the best apart from the rest when they continue to get nurtured.

  1. Hockey IQ:

This area requires constant growth. Keep developing specific hockey skills and strategies year round to stay ahead of the competition.

Mentorship: When you can connect with experienced mentors to gain valuable insights, it elevates your Hockey IQ & gives you a much needed edge!

2. Nutrition & Fueling:

Fuel your body for success by prioritizing proper nutrition based on the t raining & competition season, and you'll be ready for peak performance.

Recovery based nutrition is equally as important as game-day fueling. As training & competition volume increase, make sure to support your recovery, too.

3. Injury Prevention:

Pre-hab: Incorporate injury prevention exercises into your routine year round to protect your body!

Rehab: If injured, focus on proper rehabilitation to return to the ice stronger and reduce the risk of future injures & get back in the game.

4. Strength & Conditioning:

Continual Improvement: Maintain a consistent strength & conditioning program through out the year to make sure your physical progress matches your technical & mental progress.

Train smart to improve during the season, and soon you will begin to pull ahead of other athletes who are missing this crucial piece.

5. Champion's Mindset:

Cultivate a positive and focused mindset to perform at your best on game day!

Mental Toughness: Work on your mental game year round to handle challenges with confidence!

The trick is, each athlete needs these tools in different amounts. Meet with your coach or reach out to us if you have questions on how you can improve these during the season, and if our Fall Off-Ice & On-Ice Programs are right for your long term development!

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