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A Black Friday Offer that Actually Works!

This Black Friday, don't you deserve Real Results, Not Just Deals?!

Tired of buying things on Black Friday that break, don't work, or collect dust? We're offering something different – something that delivers real results.

🌟 Limited Offers – Only 5 of Each Performance Package Available!

  1. Package 1: 5 Available: 1-on-1 Video Analysis, Skill Session, and Performance Analysis: Originally priced over $100, now just $149! You're not just saving money; you're investing in a tailored roadmap for long-term skill development. Get precise feedback, a custom skill session, and a performance analysis that sets you up for years of improvement.

2. Package 2: Save $200 on 'Goals & Gains' or 'Accelerator Achievement' Elite In-Season Programs: These aren't your average programs. They’re custom-crafted to boost training, nutrition, hockey IQ, and mindset. Make the most of this season with focused, personalized guidance that ensures your athlete doesn't just play the game but dominates it.

⏰ Don't let these offers slip away! Grab your chance to make a real difference in your hockey journey. Invest in progress, not just purchases.

Just email me directly at & I'll get you the right Black Friday special link for your goals.

-Coach Pete

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