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5 Holiday Hockey Tips: Stay Game-Ready This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving's a time for fun, family, and food, but for future hockey stars, it's also about staying on track of your long term goal amidst all this. Here's 5 of my favorite tips you can use & make Thanksgiving even better:

  1. Plan Your Practice: Holidays get busy, so set a specific time each day for practice. It could be a quick drill in the morning or some stickhandling before dinner. Keeping to a routine will help you stay sharp. 🕗

  2. Smart Eating: Dig into that delicious Thanksgiving feast but make sure that before & after you get back on track. Have fun at Thanksgiving dinner - but a good trick to enjoy left-overs is to fill half your plate with veggies, then add extra extra turkey and some mashed potatoes or your favorite starchy carbs. And yes, treat yourself to a slice of pie - it's all about balance! 🍽️

  3. Family Fun Time: Turn family time into training time. Organize a fun hockey match with relatives or a friendly skills competition in the garage or yard. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy the holiday. 🏒

  4. Rest Up: Use the holiday to catch up on sleep & studies. Good rest is key for both physical and mental sharpness. A well-rested player is a better player. 😴

  5. Set Goals: Take a quiet moment to remember your hockey goals. Whether it's making the starting lineup or aiming for a D1 scholarship, keep your dreams in focus amid the holiday cheer. 🏆

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, but keep those skates ready. Every day is a step towards your hockey dreams!

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