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5 Key Areas to Focus on This Summer for Results that LAST!

This summer, focus on these five key factors to elevate your game and secure your spot for the upcoming season. Small group training allows for personalized improvement, helping you stand out on the ice.

1. Short and Long-Term Goals -=Set distinct goals for each phase of your training. Have a clear vision for both short-term tactics and long-term strategy. For example, in a small group setting, a coach can tailor a strength-building phase to your specific needs, ensuring you build the necessary power without overtraining.

2. Periodization - Organize your training into structured phases to ensure continuous improvement. Each phase should build on the previous one, targeting specific skills and conditioning. In a small group, personalized periodization plans can be crafted to address individual strengths and weaknesses, preventing burnout and ensuring all aspects of your game improve.

3. GPP to SPP Transition - Start with General Physical Preparedness (GPP) to build a strong foundation of endurance, strength, and mobility. Transition into Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP) with exercises tailored to hockey movements. In a small group, coaches can provide focused attention on your progression, ensuring a smooth transition from GPP to SPP and optimizing your on-ice performance.

4. Stimulus and Recovery - Focus on creating the right training stimulus and allowing time for recovery. Implement deload weeks and follow optimal nutritional programming to maximize your gains. Small group training ensures you receive individualized recovery plans, allowing you to adapt and improve efficiently.

5. Commitment - Stay committed to the process. Small group training provides the environment and support needed to stay focused and driven. For example, a coach can monitor your progress closely, adjusting workouts and providing motivation, ensuring you remain dedicated and make significant progress over the off-season.

Enrollment for our Small Group Sessions is now open. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your skills, gain more playing time, and work towards earning that D1 scholarship. Sign up today and dominate the upcoming season!

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