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College Scholarships & Small Group Training

Want to play college hockey at the top level? It’s not just about being good now; it's about improving every day and becoming the player colleges will want in the future. Standing out means fitting into various roles that teams need to succeed. That’s where our small group training sessions come in.

1. Personalized Attention: One of the key benefits of small group training is the personalized attention you receive. With a lower coach-to-player ratio, our trainers can focus on your individual development needs. This means you get more direct feedback and customized drills that target your specific areas for improvement. For example, if you need to work on your skating speed, our coaches can design specific exercises to enhance your explosiveness on the ice, giving you a distinct advantage.

2. Training Just for You: In a small group setting, we can focus on what you specifically need to improve. Personalized attention allows us to identify your strengths and weaknesses and tailor the training accordingly. If you're great at shooting but need to work on your defensive skills, we design drills that target those areas. This targeted approach helps you improve in the areas that matter most, making you a more well-rounded player.

3. Learn to Play All Roles: Colleges look for versatile players who can adapt to different roles on the team. Small group training allows us to teach you how to excel in various positions. For instance, you might train as a forward in one session and focus on defensive skills in the next. This flexibility makes you more valuable to college scouts who are looking for players capable of contributing in multiple ways.

4. A Specific Game Plan for Ongoing Improvement: Our coaches get to know you personally and can give you targeted assignments and drills to work on outside of practice. This means you have a clear, specific game plan for continuous improvement. Whether it’s off-ice conditioning or specific skill drills, you’ll always know exactly what to work on to keep advancing your game. Grow for the Future: Our focus isn't just on your next game but on your long-term development. We help you build the skills and habits necessary for success at the college level. By fostering a growth mindset and teaching advanced hockey concepts, we prepare you for the challenges of collegiate hockey, ensuring that you are not just ready to play, but ready to excel.With our small group training sessions and your hard work, your dream of playing D1 hockey can become a reality.

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