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Game Day Hockey Fueling - A few Quick Tips!

**Fueling for Hockey: Training vs. Game Day 🏒**

When it comes to hockey, what you eat and when you eat matter. Your body's demands differ on training days versus game days. To progress the fastest, you've got to maximize your training energy and post workout nutrition so your body can adapt from training. But on Game Day - you don't want to have your body in recovery mode when it needs to be primed to show off all your progress!

While there is so much more to this than a single blog post - here are a few quick tips to have you fueled properly for your next game!

**Training Days**:

* **Protein**: It's king! Training breaks our bodies down, and protein is our macronutrient for recovery.. On these days, your body might need more protein to repair and build muscles. Think chicken, beef, turkey, & even some tofu is ok in the right amounts,

* **Carbs & Fats**: Balance is key. Mix carbs and some fats to keep energy stable throughout training. Higher carbs are great pre-training session so your body & muscles have the fuel you need to train hard.

**Game Day**:

* **Protein**: Ease up a bit here. Too much pre-game protein can slow digestion. Aim for 20-30g from sources like lean meats, yogurt, or eggs.

* **Carbs**: Go big on complex carbs! They're your body’s primary energy source. Opt for high-quality options like rice, pasta, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, whole grain bread, and lentils. These fuel your muscles, helping you power through the game.

* **Fats**: Light is right! Stick to minimal fats pre-game to ensure your energy burns efficiently. Nuts or avocados in moderation are good picks.

Eating around 2-3 hours before game time is important so you can digest what you've taken in. But each athlete will be slightly different here, so you have to test these before hands & communicate with your coach.

In a nutshell, your food fuels your performance. On game day, prioritize those complex carbs, go moderate on protein, and be light on fats. Feed your body right and watch your performance soar! 🥅🚀

Need help on GameDay Nutrition? Shoot me a message at & I'll send you the Game Day Nutrition Guide we've designed for our Fall Elite On & Off Ice Programs.

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