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You are 1 of 1...why train like you're part of a herd?

Off-season is a crucial time for hockey players to refine their skills and prepare for the upcoming season. While many athletes participate in large training camps, these can often feel like you’re just another face in the crowd, with generic drills that touch on a broad range of skills.

The truth is, not all training approaches are created equal, especially when it comes to personalized development designed around identifying & systematically improving the areas that have held you back in the past. This speed and accuracy in coaching prescription allow you can earn more playing time & stand out in the future.

A Small Group? Wait - don't we want a big - crowded room?

Small group training sessions offer a targeted approach that large group settings often fail to provide.

Here’s 5 reasons they may be more effective for YOU & where you are at in your hockey development.:

  1. Personalized Focus: Every player has unique strengths and areas that need improvement. Small group settings allow coaches to identify and focus on these specific needs. This means your training is all about you, not just a general overview meant for the masses.

  2. Depth Over Breadth: In large sessions, coaches may only skim the surface of important techniques, trying to cover a little of everything. Small group training dives deeper into each skill, ensuring that you don't just learn but master the techniques critical to your development.

  3. Increased Repetitions: With fewer players, you get more opportunities to practice what you've learned. More repetitions mean better muscle memory, leading to faster and more durable improvements.

  4. Enhanced Feedback: Immediate and detailed feedback is vital for correcting techniques and making quick improvements. Small group settings allow coaches to give more individualized and frequent feedback, helping you adjust and advance your skills efficiently.

  5. A GamePlan to Move Forward: Not everything that happens in Small Group Sessions end there - you will leave with your own set up to improve outside of the sessions too - videos to watch, lessons to break down, and a Hockey IQ to continue to improve!

Small group training isn’t just another off-season option; it’s a strategic choice for serious players focused on specific goals.

By participating in these sessions, you ensure that your off-season work directly translates to on-ice performance, giving you a significant edge when the new season begins. Don’t get lost in the crowd—choose a training program that truly brings out your best.

Find the right Off-Season Plan for your own Goals, here:

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