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Goal Setting for 2024 - Where to Start?

Setting Hockey Goals for the Year: Aiming High and Realistic

As the new year approaches, it's time for young hockey players to set their sights on future goals. Setting objectives is crucial in sports, particularly in hockey, where competition is fierce, and the demands are high. Here’s how to approach goal-setting for the coming year:

1. Realistic Long-Term Objectives

  • Reflect on your current skill level and identify areas for improvement that are achievable within a year.

  • Consult with coaches to get a realistic view of where you stand and what is attainable.

  • Set goals that are challenging yet within reach, such as improving specific skills, increasing strength or endurance, or achieving particular statistical milestones.

2. Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG's!!!)

  • Alongside realistic goals, set a few ambitious, long-term goals that push your limits.

  • BHAGs could include earning a spot on a higher-level team, getting noticed by scouts, or achieving a personal best in a key skill area.

  • These goals should be thrilling and motivating, driving you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

  • They help keep us motivated when the majority of our training & work falls in the daily routine!

3. Building on Coach Feedback

  • Pay close attention to feedback from coaches & even teammates throughout the past season. Identify common themes or areas of concern.

  • Develop a plan to address these areas, whether it's fine-tuning your shooting accuracy or improving defensive positioning.

  • Regularly check in with your coaches for ongoing feedback and adjust your efforts accordingly.

  • Unsure - you can always just...ask!

4. Meeting Criteria for Scouts and Teams

  • Research and understand what scouts and higher-level teams look for in players.

  • Set goals based on this criteria, such as improving speed, developing tactical awareness, or showcasing leadership qualities.

  • Regularly record and review your performances, using data to track your progress against these criteria.

  • If you're unsure where to go here, ask me about the different metrics that are scouted & measured at the NHL combine!

By balancing realistic objectives, ambitious dreams, coach feedback, and external criteria, you create a comprehensive roadmap for the year. This approach not only improves your current performance but also aligns your development with the demands of higher-level hockey.

Remember, goal setting is an ongoing process; regularly review and adjust your goals to reflect your growth and the ever-changing landscape of competitive hockey.

Have questions on what to focus on for 2024? Just drop me an email & we'll talk!

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