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Making the Most of Those Endless Summer Nights

Maximize Your Off-Season Hockey Training but don't forget to enjoy life away from the rink

The summer months are a great time for hockey players to take advantage of the downtime and get ahead of the competition. It can be difficult to stay motivated in the off season with seemingly endless summer days, however, there are ways to maximize your hockey training and create an enjoyable off-season plan that includes both hard work and fun. Let's get into it!

Developing a Plan

The first step is to develop a plan. Determine what areas you want to focus on over the course of the summer that will help you excel on the ice during next season. This could include strength training, conditioning, skating drills, or skill improvement like stickhandling or shooting accuracy. Be sure to talk with your coaches and trainers about what would be most beneficial for you. Once you’ve crafted a plan for yourself, break it down into weekly elements so that you can keep track of your progress throughout the off-season.

Staying Motivated

Now that you have established a goal-oriented plan, staying motivated can be difficult without someone pushing you along. Consider enlisting family members or friends who may also benefit from getting fit this summer; working out together can help keep everyone focused and engaged in their workouts. Additionally, having someone to hold you accountable is key; if nobody holds us accountable, it’s easy to put off our workouts until tomorrow… which soon turns into next week… then suddenly fall has arrived! Keeping track of your progress through a journal or logbook is also a great way to stay motivated as it gives you something tangible that shows how much work you have put in this summer—and how much closer you are getting towards achieving your goals!

Balance Fun & Hard Work

In addition to goal setting and staying motivated, don’t forget about having fun! Scheduling times when all work and no play is allowed is important – but don’t forget about balancing work with restorative activities like swimming, biking or outdoor sports such as soccer or basketball that will allow your body (and mind) some time away from hockey-focused activities while still keeping active during the off season.

As we all know too well—the summer months can fly by in what seems like minutes! Utilizing these tips will help ensure that when hockey season rolls around again, not only will we be physically ready to start competing at peak performance levels—but mentally as well! With just enough hard work balanced with plenty of restorative playtime—we can make sure our off-seasons are not only successful but enjoyable too! Good luck and have fun out there!

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