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More Than Skating - The Depth of Hockey Success

So, you're fast on the ice, your shots pierce like arrows, and you're dedicated to keep improving. But we all know that hockey is a multi-dimensional game - a puzzle with many pieces...and sometimes there's a missing piece that's neededto complete the picture.

A player's physical prowess is crucial, but the mind and strategy play an equally significant role. This is where **Hockey IQ** comes in. Imagine being two steps ahead, predicting where the puck is heading, and being there before it even arrives. The game isn't just played on the rink, but also in the mind. Knowledge of strategies and tactics can often be the difference between a good player and a great one. This is a big part of what I take years of experience to try and give each player their own 'edge'.

Then there's **nutrition and recovery**. Think of yourself as a high-performance car. The right fuel makes all the difference. Proper nutrition ensures your body has the energy it needs, and allowing time for recovery ensures you don't burn out. It's about being game-ready, every time. And to dig even deeper, there are different nutrition needs for training days, game days, and recovery days. The pro's don't leave progress on the table by overlooking this key area - and you should either.

Lastly, ever heard of the phrase "mind over matter"? Your **mindset** is that secret sauce. It's the voice that tells you to keep pushing when the game gets tough. It's the belief that you can and will make a difference for your team. You don't need to be a Navy S.E.A.L. but you do need to be able to have a Champions Mindset when the lights get bright & the moments of the game matter the most.

To truly excel in our sport, you need to cultivate both your body and mind. Skating and shooting are vital, but blending them with a deep understanding of the game and self-care off the rink is the real recipe for success. Remember, every champion was once a learner who never gave up.

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