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Pre-Game Hockey Mental Prep Checklist!

With the season upon us, it is an important time to remember to take time and systematically get yourself mentally ready for your best performance. This is a simple to use 6-step pre-game mental checklist you can use. Find which areas you could use the most help on & be sure to ask one of your PMH Coaches for guidance. These areas are just a part of what separate the people who can dominate in practice, but never quite put it together when it matters most. Check it out:

  1. Visualization: Before the game starts, close your eyes and imagine yourself on the ice. See yourself making great moves, scoring goals, and helping your team. This makes you feel confident and ready to play for real.

  2. Positive Self Talk: Remember to be your own biggest cheerleader. Tell yourself things like, "I've trained for this," or "I'm a good player and I can do this." Positive words can boost your mood and help you play your best.

  3. Be Tactically Prepared: Think about the game plan. How will you move? Where will you be? Knowing what you need to do makes things easier when you're out on the ice. It's like having a map for your game!

  4. Relax & Get in the Zone: Take a few deep breaths. Calm your mind and focus only on the game. Sometimes, imagining a quiet place or remembering a good game you played before can help.

  5. Listen to Your Favorite Music: Music can pump you up! Before the game, listen to songs that make you feel happy and energetic. They can set the tone for a great game.

  6. Set Realistic Goals for Performance: Think about what you want to achieve in this game. Maybe you want to pass more or block certain shots. Having a goal gives you something to aim for and keeps you motivated.

Remember, the game isn't just about physical skills. Your mind plays a big part too. So, take a moment to get it ready and go have an awesome game!

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