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Skating Towards Tomorrow: Finding Where to Progress in Your Hockey Game

When you lace up those skates and hit the ice, it's not ‘only’ about the game at hand. It's also about where hockey might take you in the future.

Whether you're dreaming of earning a D1 scholarship, NHL stardom, or simply seeking to make a bigger impact for the thrill of the game, taking a moment during the busy season to see where you can improve will have huge benefits.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started on the road to specific progress:

1. **Assess Your Passion**: At the heart of it, do you play hockey because you love it? Your motivation plays a significant role in determining your path. If the sheer joy of playing drives you, that's a powerful indicator of where you might want to head.

2. **Evaluate Your Skillset**: Being realistic about your skills is key. While continuous improvement is crucial, assessing where you are now will help you set attainable goals for the future. Do you excel in skating, game strategy, strength & power, conditioning, or perhaps mindset?

3. **Set Clear Goals**: Do you aspire to play in college, aim for the pros, or simply enjoy the game with friends? Defining clear objectives will guide your training, mindset, and decisions regarding the sport.

4. **Seek Mentorship**: Talk to your coach, older players, or anyone who's been down the path & accomplished some of the things you’re considering. Their insights can illuminate possible routes for your hockey journey, and serve as a short cut to reaching your goals faster.

5. **Stay Informed**: The world of hockey is always evolving. From changes in training methodologies to shifts in how scouts evaluate talent, staying informed will help you adapt and seize opportunities.

6. **Take Action**: Reflection can be helpful, but ultimately taking action to improve your game & the specific areas you need to improve is crucial!

In the end, your hockey future is a blend of your passion, skills, and choices. With determination, a clear vision, and a proven path forward, you can carve out a path that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

Always remember to enjoy the journey; after all, it's the love for the game that brought you here.

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